Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stephen Wiltshire: A glimpse of our true potential


How does he do it? The left brain, which dominates human perception, sees everything in parts while the right brain sees everything as one. Stephen's right brain takes a snapshot of the whole picture and retains that for instant recall. 
If the left side of the brain tried to do this alone, it would be staring at a blank sheet of paper for a long time because, at best, it would recall only the parts that it consciously observed without connections to the whole and, even then, it would need notes to support its memory. 

It is no accident that the 'education' system from top to bottom, the media, politics, mainstream 'science', and the other institutions of perception-programming are all based on left-brain 'thinking' and manipulating the population to do the same. 
That is why humanity focuses on the twigs and can't see the forest.

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