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The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

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Mind Map created by Paul Foreman

(A Dhamma Talk by Ven. Sopako Bodhi Bhikkhu)

Edited by Cynthia Thatcher
[Note: the comments in brackets are the editor's.]

The dhamma talk tonight is on the four foundations of mindfulness. ‘Vipassana’ means to develop mindfulness until it becomes insight-knowledge [the realization of impermanence, unsatis- factoriness, and impersonality]. In order to get insight-knowledge you have to observe the four foundations of mindfulness. The foundations are four kinds of objects to put mindfulness on. It’s like a table – all four legs have to be stable before you can put something on the table.
Another example is the foundation of a building. Before constructing this meditation center, for instance, someone had to lay the foundation. They had to use materials like steel and concrete. Whether or not it’s a good foundation depends on whether the builder was smart enough to do the job right.

It’s the same thing with mindfulness. You have to lay the foundation first. The Discourse on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness [Satipatthana Sutta] says that we should use four kinds of material – four objects to lay the foundation for mindfulness. These four objects are: 1) body; 2) feeling; 3) consciousness; and 4) mental objects [the last group includes the five sense-impressions - colors, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches - which are material in nature]. Only when these four phenomena are known in the present, from moment-to-moment, can they be used as objects of mindfulness. When you develop mindfulness based on these foundations, wisdom will arise.

So these four kinds of objects are used to build wisdom – wisdom, as opposed to the pleasure or happiness that arises from strong concentration [wisdom leads to the supramundane happiness of nibbana. This happiness is more correctly expressed as the complete absence of suffering]. If you don’t have the correct foundation, wisdom can’t appear. It can’t grow.

All of us have the materials to lay the foundation already. I have a body and you have a body. We also have feeling. When you sit too long you have pain. When I sit too long I have pain, too. That’s feeling. Feeling doesn’t belong to anyone [in the ultimate sense, you do not own your feelings because they are not amenable to your control]. Feeling belongs to conditions, to the universe. Everyone has the same materials. Everyone has a body made of the same four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Everyone experiences the same feelings: unpleasant, pleasant and neutral. It doesn’t make any difference who you are.

We all have the same types of consciousness, too. For example, everyone has desire, hatred and delusion in the mind – everyone except arahants [those who have reached the highest level of enlightenment]. They have eliminated all mental defilements. Their minds are already pure, clean, and perfect. But those who aren’t enlightened – laypersons – all have the same impurities in the mind.

All of us experience the same emotions: sadness, anxiety, anger, excitement, confusion and doubt. Since everyone has the same materials, we know that these things belong to the universe, not to a nationality. They don’t belong to Thais or Canadians or Americans. The body belongs to the truth. Feeling belongs to the universe. Consciousness belongs to conditions. Mental objects and emotions belong to cause and effect.

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How To Overcome The Ego?

By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Artwork by: Adam Scott Miller

Bhagavan Sri Ramana used to say that all techniques of meditation and concentration presuppose the retention of the ego/mind. Bhagavan used to joke that employing the ego/mind to overcome the ego/mind is like hiring a thief, who is all dressed up as a policeman, to catch the thief. The policeman will pretend to make herculean efforts to catch the thief, give periodic reports of progress, but will fail each time (since the policeman is the thief!)

The whole thing is hilarious, is it not my friends. We are trying to gain Self-Realization with the effort and power of our mind. Yet, it is the ego/mind that is veiling the Self!

What a wonderful paradox indeed. Are you able to see it clearly?

The attempt to abandon the ego or overcome it, is itself based on egotism. Such forced efforts to discard the mind and transcend the ego end up only reinforcing the nonexistent phantom in our imagination.

What Bhagavan has pointed out is that all spiritual practices ultimately fall short as they presuppose the existence of mind. And with the mind in charge, there are infinite possibilities of experience; all kinds of experiences, including super conscious experiences.

No doubt experiences can be wonderful and joyful as well as painful. And yet where can any experience truly take us? Where can any experience take us other than in our own imagination of what it means to be happy in heaven, nirvana, moksha, singing with angels, or dancing with the gods, etc.

We cannot go anywhere other than where we are. We are always here. We are this present moment. This moment is eternal and infinite. This must be understood. This is Bhagavan’s teaching. Bhagavan’s dying words were, “Where can I go? I am Here.” Even in his last moments Bhagavan was teaching and pointing to the Self. All movement is in our imagination. If we do not move our mind, the outside movement becomes moot. When imagination comes to full stop, Self becomes Self-evident.

To see this, we need Grace. And the wise say that Grace is Always Here. And Self is Grace. And there is nothing but That. It is not possible to see this beauty with our eyes. One must recognize it is as one’s own being.

The True Seeing is only Being

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US spent $307 billion on prescription drugs in 2010


Americans spent $307.4 billion on prescription drugs in 2010, according to a recent report from consulting firm IMS Health. Although this figure is a 2.3 percent reduction from last year, it's still a huge portion of the U.S. economy to be spending on prescription medications, many of which are ineffective at best and extremely dangerous at worst.

According to Reuters, the decline in spending was due in part to greater use of generic medications and few new therapies introduced in 2010. Visits to doctors' offices also declined last year, as did the number of patients seeking new treatment for chronic illnesses. Because of a slow economy, high unemployment rates, and the loss of insurance coverage, Americans are forced to be more careful when it comes to spending money on healthcare.

Figures also indicated that more Americans are dependent on government assistance programs to help pay for medications. Thirty percent of all prescriptions in 2010 were filled through Medicaid or a Medicare Part D plan.

Although many Americans face economic struggles and limited resources, we are still investing a huge sum into a pharmaceutical industry that continues to fail us. Cancer treatments topped the list in 2010, representing $22.3 billion dollars, and yet chemotherapy offers only a 12 percent remission rate among patients seen at the early stages of illness. (2) Chemotherapy, like most drug-based treatment programs, fails to address the underlying causes of illness and simply introduces more toxins into the patient's body.

David Icke - Shut Up!! Don`t Want To Hear About It! ...

They DO 'live', whether people believe it or whether they don't.


Why the Power of Mind Over Matter is Important

Human World Order

Have you ever wondered how powerful your mind really is? Have you ever considered that if one human can achieve the most amazing feats then we all possess the same potential?

There are indeed amazing feats of mind over matter like the Yogi in India who lives without food and water, the story of Coral Castle where one man cut and moved solid stones larger than those used in the pyramids, or the proven telekinetic powers of Nina Kulagina.

These cases, and others involving transcending the material world like cases of extrasensory perception (ESP), are typically viewed as paranormal events. However, these seemingly impossible phenomenon may become more widely accepted as we better understand the implications of quantum mechanics.

Quantum physics has proven that all matter at the subatomic level exists in wave form, and that matter only appears solid when we, as the observer, use our senses to decode and perceive the wave patterns in space and time. Significantly, thoughts, especially concentrated thoughts, also form measurable wave patterns. And thought waves have proven to affect observable matter in the physical world.

In his book called The Hidden Messages in Water, Masaru Emoto explains his experiments on water crystals which proved that droplets of water form different shapes when frozen with words associated to each sample. For example, the sample droplets would have phrases like I love you, thank you, or I hate you written next to them. The frozen droplets would form glorious snowflake-like crystals with the words love and thank you, but a nasty oil splotch-like design next to the word hate. As stated in the movie What the bleep do we know?, "If thoughts and words have that much power over water, imagine what they do to us," as we are formed of between 60%-80% water, based on our age.

Droplet with "Thank You"

If our thoughts have the power to manifest changes in the physical world, then controlling our thoughts would seem to be of utmost importance. As popularized in the book and movie The Secret, thoughts will manifest into reality. Simply put, thoughts become things -- even negative thoughts. The examples laid out in The Secret are mostly about people attracting wealth, health, or relationships to themselves through positive thinking and visualization exercises.

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Light Weaver Interactive Moving Mandala

Moving Mandalas

Other examples of Moving Mandalas below:

Artist: Mark Sedgwick

Awakening and Ascension - A Singular Resolution (and) The Matrix Order In the "As Below"

One Million Thai Children Sing ‘Change the World’

All humanity lives in a deep sleep.

“Every human being can attain the experience of reality. Every human being has the right to have great spiritual experiences, to know the kingdom and nations of the electronic and molecular regions.

Every aspirant has the right to study at the feet of the guru, to enter through the splendid doors of the Great Mystery Temples, to talk face-to-face with the shining sons of the dawn of the Maha-Mahavamtara of creation.

However, we must begin by awakening the consciousness.

It is impossible to be awake in the Superior Worlds if here, at this cellular, physical, and material world, the aspirant is sleeping. Whoever desires to awaken the consciousness in the inner worlds must be awakened in this dense world, here and now.

If the aspirant has not awakened his consciousness here, in this world, he will certainly not be awakened in the superior worlds.

Those who awaken their consciousness here and now will be awake everywhere. Whoever awakens his consciousness here in this physical world, in fact and by his own right, remains awake in the Superior Worlds.

The first thing you must know in order to awaken your consciousness is to know that you are asleep.

To understand that you are asleep is something very difficult, because everyone is usually absolutely convinced that they are awake. When a man understands he is asleep, then the self-awaking process begins.

We are saying something that no one agrees with.

If we would say to any intelectual man he is asleep, he will certainly be offended. People are fully convinced that they are awake.

People work asleep, dreaming… they handle cars asleep, dreaming… they get married asleep, they live asleep, dreaming… nevertheless, they are fully convinced that they are awake.

Whoever desires to awaken their consciousness, here and now, must start by understanding the three subconscious factors called: identification, fascination and dreaming.

Every type of identification produces fascination and dreaming.

We are walking on a street; suddenly we meet a mob going to protest against something in front of the Presidential palace. If we are not in an alert state we easily identify ourselves with the troop, join the mob, get fascinated and then the dream comes in: we shout, throw rocks, and do things we would not do in other circumstances, not even to win a million dollars.

Forgetting ourselves is an error of inestimable consequences. To identify ourselves with something is a stupid thing because it results in fascination and a dream.

It is impossible for someone to awaken his consciousness if he gets fascinated, if he falls into dream."


“Fascination is the cause of the deep sleep in which humanity lives.

People are fascinated with everything life offers. People forget themselves because they are fascinated.

The drunk in the bar is fascinated with alcohol, the place, the pleasure, his friends and women.

The vain woman is fascinated with her own charm in front of the mirror.

The greedy man is fascinated with his money and his properties. The honest worker is fascinated with his hard work in the factory.

The father of a family is fascinated with his children.

Every human being is fascinated and they are in a deep sleep.

When we drive a car we are amazed when we see people on the streets and avenues rushing out in front of the vehicle, disregarding the imminent danger. Others throw themselves down directly under the car wheels. Poor people… they are walking in their sleep… they look like sleepwalkers, because they walk while they are asleep and put their own lives in risk.

Any clairvoyant can see their dreams. People dream about anything that keeps them fascinated.”

NSA Releases 31 Alleged Extraterrestrial Communications – Distraction or Reality?


Recently there has been a wealth of information regarding extra-terrestrials formerly withheld by the United States Government now being released for public consumption. Not long ago the FBI released a single page regarding the infamous “Roswell Incident” while a secret memo sent by John F. Kennedy to the Director of the CIA was released under a FOIA request. This secret memo involved JFK requesting the US’s complete UFO files and was sent 10 days before his assassination. Is this disinformation to fuel conspiracy theories surrounding the motives behind JFK’s assassination? If so, it sure does the job well and averts any and all attention away from the banking cabal most likely behind his assassination.

Now the NSA has released a PDF which can be read on their official website here or if you’d rather not have your IP logged into the NSA’s visitor log along with a nice tracking cookie injection you can download or read it it from our site here: Key to ET Messages – NSA declassified documents PDF – 31 alien communications.

Ron Paul To Announce 2012 Presidential Run Within Days

Source: Infowars

Texas Congressman Ron Paul could be set to officially announce whether or not he is running for the Republican 2012 nomination this week with a series of back to back high profile media appearances.
The Libertarian favorite is scheduled to appear today on The View, Hannity, and The Colbert Report. Officially these appearances are to promote Paul’s new book, Liberty Defined, yet they could serve as a platform for the announcement the Congressman’s supporters have been awaiting with baited breath for months.

The first meaningful 2012 debate is set for May 5th, a week Thursday, as Fox News and the Republican Party of South Carolina host a debate among Republican candidates at the Peace Center in Greenville, S.C.
In order to be included in the debate, candidates must meet certain criteria by April 29th.
Eligibility requirements include registering a presidential exploratory committee or presidential campaign with the Federal Election Commission; filing paperwork to be on the ballot for president in South Carolina; paying a $25,000 filing fee to the state Republican Party; and averaging 1 percent in the five most recent national polls.


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Recorded clips from our Live Radio Broadcast

04/25/2011: Music by Scars on Broadway/Song(Universe) Mixed with YouTube Video - Original video is found on our website.

04/29/2011: Words by David Icke/Music by Daft Punk/Video by The Seek Radio

04/30/2011: Music by Dead Prez/Song (Propaganda)/Art by Dees Illustration /Video by The Seek Radio

05/01/2011: Words by David Icke/Music by Liquid Mind - Song (Awakening)/Video made by The Seek Radio

05/02/2011: Song Lies/Artist Serj Tankian/Video made by The Seek Radio

The Truths of Life

A Guide to Guides to Enlightenment/Self-Realization/No-Mind/Liberation

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Irrational Consumerism (or The Few Companies Who Feed the World)

Not many people realize that most of the processed foods available on the market, whether they be in groceries or fast-food chains, all come from the same few companies. Even less people realize that these companies are major actors in elite organizations who decide health, social and economic policies around the world. We’ll look at the big three companies who feed the world, their many brands and the tactics they undertake to make people crave their products.

If one were to carefully study the labels on packaged products in an average grocery store, one would probably notice that the same company names appear repeatedly: NestlĂ©, Kraft, General Mills and a few others. Many brands offering good ol’ fashioned homemade or all-natural/organic foods are nothing more than subsidiaries of these few world-wide mega-companies. The major difference between the main brand and the subsidiaries is packaging and advertising, which are targeted to reach different markets. In order to preserve the carefully crafted image surrounding a product, connections to the mother company are often conveniently hidden. Imagine an advertisement for bottled water going like this: “Drink pure, clear, refreshing Aquafina water, bottled with care from remote natural sources in the Himalayas … BROUGHT TO YOU BY PEPSICO, THE MAKER OF TACO BELL AND CHEETOS MIGHTY ZINGERS!” That would probably spoil the healthy, natural image they are trying to create for the product.

That is the reason marketing and branding are the most vital part of the food industry. Each product must live in its own “world”, separate from its mother company and similar products. Advertising is so powerful that two similar brands of cereal, made from the same basic ingredients, can be targeted to entirely different markets. For example, are Special K and Rice Krispies so different? From a strictly rational viewpoint, these products are nearly identical in shape, taste and ingredients. From an irrational (marketing) viewpoint however, they are in two different worlds. Advertisements for Rice Krispies revolve around colorful cartoon characters and played during Saturday morning kids’ shows while Special K tends to show fit women doing yoga (or on their way to or from yoga). Rice Krispies boxes have games and toy giveaways, while Special K‘s box gives access to a “weight loss challenge” website. All of this is smoke and mirrors, however, because at the end of the line, whether you choose one, the other or pretty much any other cereal in the grocery store, you’re eating the same thing and your money ends up at the same place.

The processed-food industry can be considered a true oligopoly. Together, the three leading food companies, Nestle, Kraft Foods and PepsiCo, achieve a dominant proportion of global processed-food sales. In fact, these three companies are often used as an example of “Rule of Three” in business schools, since they are a real-life example of a market being dominated by three gigantic actors. Their position as worldwide food providers has made these conglomerates extremely powerful, and they are represented in most elite organizations such as the Council of Foreign Relations. This not only allows them to provide their preferred policies on nutrition and health issues across the globe, but on economic, political and social issues as well. Such prominence also allows these companies to ensure their continued market dominance, through policy-making, access to insider information and the intimidation of potential competitors. If considered objectively, the oligopoly of major companies like these are a direct threat to free market theories.

Today, if a small food company were to create a new revolutionary product, it would find it difficult to obtain distribution without giving up its rights to one these conglomerates. In addition to dominating the shelves, the Big Three control most of the worldwide channels of distribution, to the point that up-and-coming companies cannot reach the consumers without dealing with them. The only way small business owners can avoid years of struggle and rejection to obtain shelf-space in supermarkets is to strike a licensing deal with one of the giants, where the owner cedes the ownership and the rights to the product in exchange for royalty checks (which are usually a small percentage of the sales). Each licensing deal consolidates these companies’ position and eliminates threats from any potential competitor who creates game-changing products.

Large Hadron Collider rumoured to have found God Particle

Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider are rumoured to have found the elusive so-called "God Particle". 

A leaked internal memo contains unconfirmed reports that one of the detectors at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, near Geneva, had picked up signals that could be the long sought after particle, called the Higgs boson.
One of the main scientific goals of the huge £6 billion atom smasher was to prove the existence of the Higgs boson, a theoretical particle believed to give everything in the universe mass.
The particle is a key part of the standard model used in physics to describe how particles and atoms are made up.
Rumours that scientists working on the LHC had found evidence of the Higgs boson began to circulate after an supposed internal memo was posted on the internet.
But physicists were quick to urge caution over the claims as many candidates for the particle that appear in collision experiments at the LHC are subsequently dismissed on further examination.

Officials at CERN said the result had not yet been properly verified and could turn out to be a false alarm.
The memo revealed that one of the particle detectors at the LHC had caught a particle that could be a Higgs boson decaying into other two high-energy particles known as photons.
The memo, written by four scientists working on the LHC's ATLAS experiment, warned the rate at which this happened was thirty times larger than would have been expected.
But it added: “The present result is the first definitive observation of physics beyond the standard model.
“Exciting new physics, including new particles, may be expected to be found in the very near future.”
Some scientists initially said they believed the memo could have been a hoax, but it was confirmed as genuine by officials at CERN.

James Gillies, official spokesman for CERN, said that while the results note was genuine, it was one of thousands constantly being produced by scientists and that is was still in the very early stages of assessment.
He said: "It is far too early to say if there is anything to it or not. There are 3,000 scientists working on ATLAS and they divide the analysis work up between them.

"This is an internal communication that highlights something interesting, but it has to go through several stages of assessment by the scientific team before it will be released as an official result by the collaborative team.
"The majority of these things turn out to be nothing at all. It is very speculative at this stage, but there is a great deal of excitement and anticipation that something will be found which is probably why this has found its way onto the internet."
Despite the official caution, there was intense speculation on internet blogs and scientific websites that the results described in the memo signalled the first discovery of the Higgs boson.
The rumours come as officials in CERN revealed they had set a new world record by producing the most intense beams of particles ever achieved.

The memo first appeared on the blog of physicist Peter Woit, from Columbia University. He wrote: "It’s the sort of thing you would expect to see if there were a Higgs at that mass, but the number of events seen is about 30 times more than the standard model would predict."
Professor Brian Cox, a particle physicist at Manchester University and presenter of the BBC's Wonders of the Universe, urged caution over the results.

Writing on the social networking site Twitter, he said: "The Higgs rumours are from an internal, unchecked ATLAS document. Very bad science to leak it. Many mistakes are made in un-reviewed papers."

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The mystical stone at tsunami tide's highest point that saved tiny Japanese village from the deadly wave


Obelisk was erected by survivors of previous tsunamis to warn future generations

•Doctor warns Fukushima 50 workers of health problems they face

•Japanese government to announce financial help for nuclear plant owners Tepco

•Legal no-go area officially comes into operation

•UN chief warns world to expect more nuclear accidents

This four-foot high stone may look unremarkable, but it is credited with saving the lives of the population of Aneyoshi when the tsunami struck Japan.

Carved into its weather-worn rock is a warning - 'Do not build your homes below this point!' - because they would be at risk from floods in a tsunami.

The villagers obeyed the ancient warning and the tiny community of just 11 houses and 34 residents were rewarded with survival at a key geographical point.

Prophetic: The stone tablet on the edge of the village of Aneyoshi, which the town's population credits with saving their lives

Aneyoshi, in the mountains of stricken Iwate Prefecture, bears a significant mark of the national natural disaster.
Just 300ft down the hil from where the stone sits is a blue line painted on the road. It marks the point in Japan where the tsunami water reached its hightest point - 127.6 feet.

The previous record height reached by flood waters in Japan was 125.3ft, which was also reached in Iwate Prefecture during a tsunami in 1896.

It is Japan's history of tsunami's that led to these warning stones becoming a familiar sight along the coast of Japan as ancestors tried to warn future generations of the dangers. Some of the stones are 600 years old.

Original Story from

Did aliens establish a primitive postcode system in ancient Britain?

By Matt Parker

Ancient monuments align with every postcode in the UK, suggesting powerful extraterrestrial influences at work

The uncanny alignment of prehistoric monuments indicates some form of external guidance. Photograph: Lefteris Pitarakis/AP

Every single location in the UK is at the convergence of three or more ley lines between ancient monuments. As I type this, the line formed by the ancient Brill Earthworks and the Southam Holy Well crosses the line running through Morden Park Mound and the Leydene Ditches, pinpointing my precise current location. Not only that, but the ley line that crosses Small Down Knoll and the most renowned of all ancient sites, Stonehenge, also goes right through my house.

It's as though prehistoric Britons built monumental sites as a form of "ancient postcode".

In fact, all modern postcodes mark the convergence of three or more prehistoric ley lines, one of which will always include Stonehenge. If you want to look up your home's ancient monumental alignments, just enter your postcode into this site built by programmer Tom Scott.

The "ancient postcodes" theory is very similar to the work of Tom Brooks, who believes the locations of ancient monuments in England and Wales form such precise isosceles triangles that prehistoric Britons must have built them as a form of ancient satnav. Mr Brooks has been back in the news recently as he has just reissued his press release from 15 months ago to help promote his new book, Prehistoric Geometry in Britain: the Discoveries of Tom Brooks.

The fact that every single modern postcode is mapped out in the alignment of prehistoric monuments must be significant because, in the words of Mr Brooks, "you cannot do that by chance". We are forced to interpret these amazing alignments the same way he does his triangles and "conclude that they received some form of external guidance".

Of course, my conclusions are vacuous. There are so many prehistoric sites in England and Wales (about 1,500 of them), you cannot stand anywhere in the UK that is not at the hub of multiple ley lines. It's like standing in the middle of a dense forest and then being amazed when you look around and several trees line up with your location.

If you want more than just alignments of lines and have a thing for triangles, then those 1,500 ancient sites form 561,375,500 different triangles. That's more monumental triangles in England and Wales than there are seconds in 17 years and 9 months. That's more than 9,000 triangles for every square mile in the country. Out of that many triangles, some of them will form at random what appear to be very precise patterns.

When Mr Brooks last told us about his discoveries in January 2010, I responded by finding the same types of patterns, to the same level of precision, in the alignments of ancient Woolworths stores.

There is actually a whole area of maths known as Ramsey Theory which shows that you can find any pattern you want, to any level of precision you want, if you have enough random data to sort through. This method of selecting just the pattern you're after and then ignoring the vast majority of the data has since become known as "pick 'n' mix data analysis".

The prehistoric sites that dot the UK are indeed a national treasure that still have plenty of mysteries to reveal. However, plucking random patterns out of their distribution and claiming aliens must have been involved cheapens the genuine wonders of archaeology. I'm sure the ancient Britons did build certain sites along significant paths, but it's a shame to miss the forest because of the random distribution of trees.

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Water has Memory

Food - The Ultimate Secret Exposed

Source: AlexJonesYoutube

Alex Jones addresses one of the darkest modes of power the globalists have used to control the population-- food. The adulteration of the planet's staple crops, genetically-altered species and intentionally-altered water, food and air all amount to a Eugenics operation to weaken the masses and achieve full spectrum domination.

People the world over, but especially in the United States are under chemical attack. Deadly and dangerous toxins ranging from Aspartame to Fluoride, GMO, Mercury-tainting, pesticides, cross-species chimeras, plastic compounds in chicken, high fructose corn syrup, cloned meat, rBGH and new aggressive GM species of salmon have all entered into our diets and environments-- whether we want it or not.

Many of these substances knowingly cause or are linked with sterility, low birth weight, miscarriages, smaller or deformed offspring, as well as organ failure, cancer, brain tumors and Death itself, what you DON'T know about on your grocery shelves can hurt you. Further, Alex demonstrates that a pattern of buried studies, fraudulent statistics and a will reduce global population all point to the deliberate criminal poisoning of the food and water supply.

Suffer no fools and warn those you love about need to stop their food from being used as a Depopulation-weapon against us all. Please share this important video with everyone, so the truth about these substances can be known.