Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Machine, By The Seek Radio

The Machine

What is this illusion that limits the perceptions of the mind?

This infection built into our design; manifesting power as we unknowingly evolve.

This control, unseen as it molds our experience for the service of the machine.

The machine is fueled by the promise of freedom and manipulation of truth. Its only concern is profit.

The machine will lie, steal, rape, torture, ridicule, cheat and kill all the while telling how necessary these tactics of deceit are.

These tactics are wrong in any kind of way. Things only the programmed are capable of, products of the illusion.

Products of society, taught to sleepwalk, taught to accept torture and killing as a means to peace. This is the machine.

The machine needs you to stay asleep and to believe all of its lies. Believe there’s an answer to the machines created fables. The machine needs you to beg for help and cry out to god. To send your money.

True peace and wisdom is obtained by resisting the machine. Realize that violence only leads to violence, war to war. The answers are not in power and money. The solution is not in politics or the occult. Do not take part in hopeful deception.

This is the machine.

Sift through the voices and seek the answers within the self. We must abstain from violent, impure and irrelevant thought. Awaken to a new level of consciousness. Realize who we are. Break free from the illusion and refuse to feed the machine.

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