Monday, April 25, 2011

All humanity lives in a deep sleep.

“Every human being can attain the experience of reality. Every human being has the right to have great spiritual experiences, to know the kingdom and nations of the electronic and molecular regions.

Every aspirant has the right to study at the feet of the guru, to enter through the splendid doors of the Great Mystery Temples, to talk face-to-face with the shining sons of the dawn of the Maha-Mahavamtara of creation.

However, we must begin by awakening the consciousness.

It is impossible to be awake in the Superior Worlds if here, at this cellular, physical, and material world, the aspirant is sleeping. Whoever desires to awaken the consciousness in the inner worlds must be awakened in this dense world, here and now.

If the aspirant has not awakened his consciousness here, in this world, he will certainly not be awakened in the superior worlds.

Those who awaken their consciousness here and now will be awake everywhere. Whoever awakens his consciousness here in this physical world, in fact and by his own right, remains awake in the Superior Worlds.

The first thing you must know in order to awaken your consciousness is to know that you are asleep.

To understand that you are asleep is something very difficult, because everyone is usually absolutely convinced that they are awake. When a man understands he is asleep, then the self-awaking process begins.

We are saying something that no one agrees with.

If we would say to any intelectual man he is asleep, he will certainly be offended. People are fully convinced that they are awake.

People work asleep, dreaming… they handle cars asleep, dreaming… they get married asleep, they live asleep, dreaming… nevertheless, they are fully convinced that they are awake.

Whoever desires to awaken their consciousness, here and now, must start by understanding the three subconscious factors called: identification, fascination and dreaming.

Every type of identification produces fascination and dreaming.

We are walking on a street; suddenly we meet a mob going to protest against something in front of the Presidential palace. If we are not in an alert state we easily identify ourselves with the troop, join the mob, get fascinated and then the dream comes in: we shout, throw rocks, and do things we would not do in other circumstances, not even to win a million dollars.

Forgetting ourselves is an error of inestimable consequences. To identify ourselves with something is a stupid thing because it results in fascination and a dream.

It is impossible for someone to awaken his consciousness if he gets fascinated, if he falls into dream."


“Fascination is the cause of the deep sleep in which humanity lives.

People are fascinated with everything life offers. People forget themselves because they are fascinated.

The drunk in the bar is fascinated with alcohol, the place, the pleasure, his friends and women.

The vain woman is fascinated with her own charm in front of the mirror.

The greedy man is fascinated with his money and his properties. The honest worker is fascinated with his hard work in the factory.

The father of a family is fascinated with his children.

Every human being is fascinated and they are in a deep sleep.

When we drive a car we are amazed when we see people on the streets and avenues rushing out in front of the vehicle, disregarding the imminent danger. Others throw themselves down directly under the car wheels. Poor people… they are walking in their sleep… they look like sleepwalkers, because they walk while they are asleep and put their own lives in risk.

Any clairvoyant can see their dreams. People dream about anything that keeps them fascinated.”

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