Sunday, April 24, 2011

Show Archive - Clips from different live broadcast @ The Seek Radio

We will link to clips from our live broadcast on this post; if it is the entire show we will make that clear. Please note that stickam produces an ad before viewing the content that is produced from their site, the ads are under 30 seconds and sometimes will give the viewer the option to close the ad immediately . We also write a blog related to our radio including highlights, links to content that was shared during our broadcast along with other updates.

Recorded clips from our Live Radio Broadcast

04/25/2011: Music by Scars on Broadway/Song(Universe) Mixed with YouTube Video - Original video is found on our website.

04/29/2011: Words by David Icke/Music by Daft Punk/Video by The Seek Radio

04/30/2011: Music by Dead Prez/Song (Propaganda)/Art by Dees Illustration /Video by The Seek Radio

05/01/2011: Words by David Icke/Music by Liquid Mind - Song (Awakening)/Video made by The Seek Radio

05/02/2011: Song Lies/Artist Serj Tankian/Video made by The Seek Radio

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