Monday, April 25, 2011

NSA Releases 31 Alleged Extraterrestrial Communications – Distraction or Reality?


Recently there has been a wealth of information regarding extra-terrestrials formerly withheld by the United States Government now being released for public consumption. Not long ago the FBI released a single page regarding the infamous “Roswell Incident” while a secret memo sent by John F. Kennedy to the Director of the CIA was released under a FOIA request. This secret memo involved JFK requesting the US’s complete UFO files and was sent 10 days before his assassination. Is this disinformation to fuel conspiracy theories surrounding the motives behind JFK’s assassination? If so, it sure does the job well and averts any and all attention away from the banking cabal most likely behind his assassination.

Now the NSA has released a PDF which can be read on their official website here or if you’d rather not have your IP logged into the NSA’s visitor log along with a nice tracking cookie injection you can download or read it it from our site here: Key to ET Messages – NSA declassified documents PDF – 31 alien communications.

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